The Centric Foundation Announces Their Plans For The Immediate Future

On September 13th, The Centric Team announced their plans for the immediate short term and long term in their discord. Their announcement states the following:

Whats next?

Short Term (6–12 months)
— 10x holders > 200,000+
— CNS trading on 30–50 markets

Long Term (12–24 months)
— 10x holders > 2,000,000+
— CNS trading on 100–300 markets

We are focused on acheiving these sorts of numbers through large main stream marketing and awareness campaigns around the world + 100+ partnerships with existing crypto projects looking to drop their native tokens and jump into the Centric Ecosystem early. You can always track this progress here:

We’ll continue to work closely with crypto influencers on educational content about Centric and we have some big deals yet to be announced in this space that are already in the works. Lawyers and legals always make this slightly hard to predict timeframes. We are also very focused on establishing a high level of trust, legal framework protecting the project and Centric infrastructure around the world. Things like offices for Centric stuff as we grow, Centric Centres where you can OTC, KYC in person, get financial advice by a licensed advisor, buy crypto items or get technical support.

Centric Business is what our development team is now working on and it will be the core pillar to the long term utility and success of Centric. We hope to have a beta product to market within 6 months. You’ll be able to register your business, we ship you a tap-n-go Centric reciever which connects securely to your Centric business account and accept payments faster, without any fees from customers holding Centric. In the beta verson customers will be able to pay for goods and services with etiher CNS or CNR for less then 1 cent and settlement in under 2 seconds.

Looking longer term, the Blockchain team of super stars are starting to work on a technical whitepaper over the next 12 months which will put together a highly detailed and robust solution for a native Centric Blockchain. We are also looking at the newer gen 3 smart contract projects that are coming through as possible longer term solutions to handle scale and reduce transaction costs.”

More announcements to come.

Join the Centric Discord:

-Andras Jai




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